CAD viewer in Web Browser

  Viewing CAD geometry in a web browser and adding augmented reality capabilities add completely new possibilities for user experience and user interaction:
  • Platform independent product visualization - PC, tablet, smartphone
Currently the Augmented Reality Mode is supported only on Firefox. We can use different industry standards for the CAD geometries - JT, 3DXML, STEP, STL, OBJ etc.
3DXML model

3DXML model
Augmented Reality 3DXML!

Augmented Reality JT!

Augmentor - JT & 3DXML Viewer

  Augmentor is a 3D viewer which supports the formats JT and 3DXML and is intended to show you our capabilities in the area of 3D visualization. The viewer has also an Augmented Reality (AR) mode which makes it interesting for enterprises:
  • Product presentation - the customers can see the product embedded in their own environment
  • Servicing area - visalize a spare part on a tablet togehther with the machine seen through the device camera. You can enrich the view with customized informations.
3DXML model
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